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asked Feb 2 in Studio One 4 by pinkaudiobunny (180 points)

I´m fairly new to s1 so maybe I don´t get this right.

I´ve set up my "default" in the Songs folder as described and when opening s1 it loads up. So far so good.

But then when I add audio or data it starts populating the "Song" folder with "Media" and "Cache". When I save the song to new folder these "Media" and "Cache" are copied but also remain (redundantly) in the Songs folder. Which I find unusual and slightly messy

I´m a ProTools and Live user where working on a "default" keeps the newly created audio files in a chache until you finally save it to a new Song or discard it.

As well the "default" can´t be overwritten by accidentally hitting save. Which in S1 is the case.

Am I missing something or is this just the way S1 works?

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