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Strange notaion result in handwriting of Notion6.5

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asked Feb 4, 2019 in Notion by takashimori (150 points)

Whenever in handwriting mode in my Notion 6.5, I get strage notation result.
First, I write a note on the 1st beat of a measure, then I write the second note (or a rest).  What happens then is the first note is duplicated on the second beat and the second note appears in the third beat.

The below image is a sample.
First I wrote a half note in C, then tried to write a quarter note in A.  But the result turned out to be two half notes in C followed by the quarter note in A.

I uninstalled the program and insatalled again, but couldn't get any good result.
It worked fine in Notion version 6.0.

Does anyone know and advise me what is wrong with that?

The environment:
Computer: MacMini
OS: Win7 SP1 (Boot Camp)
Notion: 6.5.470 64bit

Handwriting input device:
 -WACOM Pen tablet "One by Wacom"
 -My PC mounse

Thank you in advance.


1 Answer

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answered Jun 19, 2019 by lukesimoneau (440 points)
This is a quirk with the most recent update. You have to enter a complete measure at a time to avoid it. Hopefully, they'll fix it in the next update or two...