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Fixed Default MIDI controller for individual Virtual Synths

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asked Feb 8 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by dotcom12161984 (2,250 points)
I have multiple midi controllers.  I mainly use my Atom and a AKM320 on the road.........

If i open a pad based VST (IMPACT, MPC, Maschine, BPM etc.) i want to be able set the default midi controller as my ATOM

If i open a keyboard based VST i want their default midi controller to be my 37 key controller.  

As it is now, there's one default controller and then i have to constantly change the controller depending on what type of synth i am using.  I don't want to lose my creative ideas while changing my midi controller.

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answered Feb 9 by niles (52,330 points)

You can also set none of your controllers as Default Instrument Input and instead use All Inputs for Instrument channels. That way you never have to think about it unless you want exclusive input from an external device.