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Preamp Gain tab in Universal Control

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asked Feb 8 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by jakub9 (180 points)

Would it be possible in a future version of Universal Control to have a separate tab/page/section with all channel preamp gain controllers alon with small meters, and associated HPF, phantom, phase, input [mic, network, firewire] and mix bus routing controllers visible at once, on one page. Changing the preamp gain, HPF and phantom by constantly moving to the relevant track is cumbersome and often quite time consuming, especially when a box like the RML32AI acts as a Dante stage box and doubles as a recording interface for the show. In that situation mic input gain is something that needs to be accessed quickly and simultaneously across many channels.

I'm not suggesting changing any of the existing UI, but simply adding another view where all channels are visible in terms of input. For an example, see Yamaha's R Remote software for the Tio/Rio systems below.

Image result for yamaha r remote

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