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Control mic preamp gain from Faderport

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asked Feb 23, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by peterbaird (960 points)
I note with approval the addition of channel gain control from the Faderport.  I wish the same thing could be done with preamp gain for interfaces that support preamp control in S1 (rack mixers especially).

When starting a session with lots of mics, the thing I reach for the most is the gain control (wherever it is).  I get a rough setting from the player hitting the drum in question (or horn or guitar or whatever) with the channel fader at unity, and keep tweaking until I have everything close to the sweet spot before hitting record.  But I keep thinking, wouldn't it be nice to be able to set 16 or 32 mic gains quickly without using a mouse or moving your visual focus from the fader surface?

Ideally I'd like to set phantom on/off from Faderport as well, but I'd be happy with a modifier-controlled fader switch to preamp levels, or even a mode that moved the preamp gain from the selected channel to the parameter knob.

Probably won't get a lot of votes, but if you own an interface that supports preamp control, this could make your life easier.


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answered May 27, 2022 by robranogajec (230 points)
I have two quantum 26x32 and would find this request very useful. It would be nice to have a tracking workflow without the mouse.

I note that Shift/Pan allows control of digital trim, but you really need to set the preamp gains.