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Exporting to another DAW or Stdio so tracks remain synced?

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asked Feb 9, 2019 in Studio One 4 by stancampbell (120 points)
I have not yet purchased Studio One but I am considering it. BUT I am mostly in the dark with respect to exporting stems and/or a session. A session was recorded by an artist friend in another part of the country in a studio using Studio One 4. It's a mix of vocals, drum kit, rhythm, lead, keyboard etc. He hates everything about and does not want to go any further. I am former record producer and and looking at helping him clean it up and mix. I am vaguely familiar with ProTools and use Adobe CS6 for voiceover and commercial production. How does his export the whole session(s) for me to import to my Stdio One 4? OR..if I want to use another DAW ... If we ask the studio to export stems, how do the stems (tracks) remain synced? (ie: bass and kick synced). Sorry to be so uneducated on this.

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answered Feb 9, 2019 by elliottsebag (7,610 points)
Hey there,

Option 1 - ask him to export stems from his project (from Song menu> export stems), he can select the tracks he wan't to export , the format etc..
You can check a box to either export based on the selected loop size or with the Start/End markers.

Option 2 - ask him to export an .aaf of his session which you can import in pro tools or S1  by reaching File menu > Save as...
Then saving under .aaf format which is available in the list.

Checkout more informations on AAF files :

With options the audio tracks should remain in sync together :)

Hope this might help ,