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Series 3 Mixer Won't Recognize Stagebox is connected.

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asked Feb 11, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by ac.howell (130 points)
We are currently running the 32 channel series 3 console with the corresponding 24 channel stagebox.  We've been running this for a year now with no major issues.  Today I updated the firm ware on the console and stagebox to download new plugins and access the digital patching features and now the console will not recognize the stagebox.  Both units are updated to "1.10.15552".  When my macbook is connected to the stagebox via USB UC shows both models available.  Whenever I connect to the console with my macbook it only shows the console, not the stagebox.  Simply enough, the console doesn't know it has a stagebox, but the stagebox knows its connected to the console.  PLEASE HELP!!!!

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answered Feb 12, 2019 by simonchalesdebeaulieu (160 points)
Hey, i use The 16 channel studiolive with The rackmixer 16 and i had that issue too, before i updated The firmware but since Then The Signals from The rackmixer cut off For a Short time and The console mixer resets The preamps of every channel, i Hope it‘s because The firmware Is ****.. They probably Need to fix it, but right now this Setup Is Not working