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How to run pre recorded tracks thru the preamp

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asked Feb 13 in Studio One 4 by jbair (340 points)
I have the studio channel preamp presonus hooked up to my 1824 presonus interface and all is good, I get clear recordings and etc. unfortunately after they are recorded I can’t change the effects on preamp. Those effects are set in stone and track can’t be mixed again with preamp. So my question is how can I run pre recorded tracks back thru the preamp to turn knobs and fine tune the track. And this also goes with older tracks I’ve recorded thru my studio box usb. How could I run them thru my new preamp to spice them up. Any ideas would help because this is hard to found info in the web thanks in advance

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answered Feb 27 by czarthp81 (960 points)
This is a good question, I may make a youtube video explaining this on my channel (Audioczarnet).

What you need first is studio one professional so you can have access to the pipeline XT, you also need a audio interface with multiple inputs and outputs. (more than two)

so if you using outputs 1 and 2 for your speakers, lets use output 3 for example. You'd connect output 3 of your interface to the line input of your channel strip. Then connect output of the channel strip to input 3 on the interface. Then load pipeline XT mono on to a track in studio one. Select input and output 3 on pipeline plugin. Now sound will go out of the interface, through the channel strip and back into studio one.
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answered Feb 27 by jbair (340 points)
Well I have studio one 4 professional and I know alil bout the pipeline plug in. Now that you say that it makes since now lol I have the 1824 interface which has everything I need to run that way you just explained. I have a hard time with the routing in studio one and making since of all that. If you do make a video I’d love to watch it and learn from it. Routing individual tracks is the confusing part for me lol and if I’m wanting to do this....I should prolly invest in a patch bay to make this easier correct?