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Notion 6 When I open the dynamic parts, some of the instruments are not in the same key as they are in the score

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asked Feb 16, 2019 in Notion by brianriha (120 points)
I created a score and when I open the dynamic parts, and some of the instruments are in different keys than they are in the score. Why?

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answered Feb 17, 2019 by richardwurster (140 points)
because different instruments have different native keys associated to them so for all instruments to be playing in the same key  some instruments scores need to be in a different key. Example an alto saxophone is a Flat instrument if you play a C on an alto saxophone it will sound as a Flat on a piano so for the piano and saxophone to play in the sam key the score for the saxophone needs to be transposed up.
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answered May 18, 2019 by tack3 (390 points)
Scores and parts can be displayed in C or transposed, check "View" menu, available choices are "Transposed", "Concert Pitch", "Concert Tune"

Default is be "Transposed" for single parts and "Concert Pitch" for score.