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"Automation: Convert Track based to Event based" - please!

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asked Feb 19, 2019 in Editing by erikhusler (4,440 points)
When you record a VI performance containing automation the latter pertains to the performance. But it's recorded as track automation. Say you want to move it, repeat, change tempo? Usually not an issue, but I record ideas without specified tempo. when I adjust it to the grid it falls out of place. There's a way to address it, but it can get time consuming. Hence the command suggestion:

"Automation: Convert Track based to Part(?) based for Event(s)"

What a time saver. Please implement!

PS. I asked it before - in terms of "moving CC with note data" -  But I figured this is much more to the point. DS

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answered Feb 19, 2019 by erikhusler (4,440 points)
In the meantime here's a workaround, mostly courtesy of the brilliant Marcus Huyskens:
There's track based and part/ event based automation. Make sure "Automatically add envelopes for touched parameters" is checked in Preferences/Advanced/ Automation. Open the Edit window (⌘ 2). Touch the fader of the parameter so it becomes active in the top left of the Arrange window. Now drag the"Hand" - not to the Track, but to the Edit window. The parameter is added to the list below the notes/ audio. Cut/ paste the automation - from the track to the event. Repeat for each parameter.