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Range Automation Presets (PLEASE READ)

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asked Aug 14, 2023 in Mixing by dotcom12161984 (4,400 points)
I loathe doing repetitive automation from song to song.  I want to be able to highlight a range and press a button (macro shortcut) that:

1. Splits range (possible)

2. Adds a color to the split range that signifies something is happening here or needs to happen (possible)

3. ADDS an automation curve that is routed to a certain parameter..

Example.  Highlight a phrase of an event, new colored event is split, A sloped automation curve is drawn the length of the event that is telling a TAPESTOP plugin to slow down and stop at the end of the range/new event.  So at the press of a button you can quickly add a tapestop and have different presets for different speeds or quickly adjust like say (VARI FI in pro tools), or

maybe echo a word after highlighting it and pressing a macro shortcut or a pitch drop or note pattern you've already specified.  I want to be able to both assign these macros to shortcuts but also be able to save these as presets i could just drag to an event, of course i may want to tweak the automation and i should be able to do so like i can with an event FX effect.  I know its already possible to open a track preset and it automatically opens the send effects and everything associated, so it should also be possible to drag an automation preset and it automatically load the plugin (tapestop, delay, etc.) that the automation is to be routed to if not already loaded. Duplicates can be avoided the same way i can load multiple instances of the same track preset with FX sends but the actual FX never duplicate, just the tracks as each instance is routed to the same FX tracks that were created with the initial track preset load.  If we can drag and drop midi, why not automation?  If I've done the automation once in one song i should be able to do it again in another song at the press of a button (not importing song data and copy pasting).

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