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Using Windows 10, Allen and Heath ZED-10FX driver will not show up on my driver selection.

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asked Feb 20 in Studio One 4 by RConder (130 points)
I've read about people with this problem and trying to use ASIO drivers, or such like but not having much success. I have Studio one 4 Pro and as stated above, there is no functioning driver for the A&H as it runs on the native windows driver. Perhaps by changing some of the internal settings would windows then run the mixer through the DAW?

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answered Jun 24 by xvi_iv_mcmlxxii (150 points)

Just bought one.. doesnt work with S1

Shows up as a QUADROPHONIC device in Win audio

Doesnt allow recording, shows mismatched audio settings error

Hmmm.. useless device in S1?

Have I blown my cash? Retailer will NOT give refund based on software compatibility..