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Request for Impact XT Pitch Bend range change

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asked Feb 24, 2019 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by scypsmxk (240 points)
edited Feb 24, 2019 by scypsmxk

It'll be wonderful if I can change the MIDI Pitch Bend range on Impact XT (like on Steinberg's Groove Agent).

Say you wanted to make a snare roll that gradually changes its pitch, those usual techniques used in EDM risers.

I have a snare sample loaded on an Impact XT pad, so I write my MIDI notes, 16 notes per bar, so that they sound like a snare roll. 

Now I want to make the pitch rise gradually so that it sounds like those usual risers. 

I have 2 options; automating the MIDI "Pitch Bend" parameter, or automating the "Tune" parameter on Impact XT.

I know how to automate the MIDI Pitch Bend, and it does work, but it's not enough, because the default pitch bend range is set to 2 semitones. I want to change the pitch bend range to like 12~24 so that the pitch elevates nicely, but I couldn't find where I can change them.

I also know how to automate the Tune parameter on Impact XT, and again this isn't enough because the pitch range is fixed to -100ct~100ct.

Automating the "Transpose" parameter is one idea, but the pitch rise isn't smooth enough and it doesn't sound well.

I now use Sample One XT to make this kind of riser (Sample One can change the pitch bend range, thankfully), but it's really a hassle to bring the sample from Impact and set things up. 

Please let me know if I'm missing any features, and if not, please upvote. Thank you!

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