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A "Reference Track" track built-in that would bypass the master plugin chain.

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asked Dec 24, 2019 in Mixing by onemidi (340 points)
edited Dec 27, 2019 by onemidi
A "Reference Track" track that would bypass the master plugin chain, and if multiple "reference track" tracks were added into a folder, that folder would then have features on it apart from the regular folder track that would allow "solo switch" through the different reference tracks...(just an idea but Persons can work that feature in however, i know they'll do it right)... There are a few reference plugins out there but no DAW has this feature built in and I would like Studio One to be the first... Plus we all know having a DAW that has all our needs built-in is better than buying a DAW and then having to buy a bunch of other little pieces that weights down our system and affects creativity! Im new to Studio One and from what I see its well on its way to becoming the most completed DAW. Thanks!

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