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When naming a mixdown, I'd like to be able to see what other audio files are already in that folder.

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asked Feb 25 in Mixing by robcolling (1,040 points)
Hi all. Forgive me if this has already been requested. I couldn't find it.

I'm a professional music editor, I just switched to S1, and I'm very impressed, but I'm also very surprised by how limited the Export Mixdown window is. It's really not suited to professional needs. I've just answered and upvoted a bunch of other requests to improve it, but I can't find this one so here's a new request.

In my line of work clients request lots of changes, so I spend a lot of time revising songs and exporting new versions of existing mixdowns. My problem is, there is no way to see what audio files (i.e. previous exports) are currently in the mixdowns folder. I need to know whether, when I last worked on this song a month or two ago, I got up to (say) version 4 or version 5 or version 6 or whatever, so that I know what name to give to this new version I'm exporting. At the moment the only way to find out what version number I'm up to is to open the folder in Explorer, and then go back to S1 and type in the filename manually. This is a time-consuming workaround when I'm exporting a dozen of these per day, and it also makes errors in the filenames much more likely!

Could we have a button that opens the folder window, so that I can (for example) click on the last saved filename and increment the number up by one?

Setup: Windows 10, custom PC, Studio One Professional 4.6.1, A&H Zed R16

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