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Studio One Remote doesn't work with Studio One 4.1.3 Pro

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asked Feb 28 in Studio One 4 by oleksandrilkaiev (120 points)
Hello Presonus! I have up to date apps on mobile and PC, but Remote doesn't work. It always write "Connecting to this version of Studio One is not supported". What does it mean and how to fix it? I always use it great before update it month ago to last Studio One version. I need this function always and i don't know what to do right now. It not so comfortable to run from one room to other when i set levels, mics etc.

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S9+ for remote control.

Big thanks,

1 Answer

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answered Mar 11 by woysee (140 points)
I got the same problem after today update Studio One 4 Pro to version 4.1.3.

Waiting for answer and updates of iPad app which allow to use it properly.