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Studio one 4.1.3 not connecting with Studio One Remote on iPad

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asked Jun 17, 2019 in Studio One 4 by kaymonteunissen (100 points)
edited Jun 17, 2019 by kaymonteunissen
Studio One 4 Remote on my iPad keeps saying 'Studio one is not activated on your computer'. I tried everything in the article. Run Remote from my laptop and it's working fine so I think it's an network problem. Also tried to opened ports in my router, changed the firewall, set the WiFi priority higher. But I keep getting this message... I'm running on windows 10

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answered Jun 19, 2019 by watssonmerry (140 points)

I have also faced the same problem and I have searched a lot on the Internet to get it solved and finally, epson error code 0xf3 helped me a lot to fix the error.