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Automate Activate All Inserts in Presonus Studio One Professional

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asked Mar 8 in Mixing by wesphaltlouis-charles (380 points)
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I have a multi song set, each produced mixed and mastered in their own Studio One session. I have to perform the set, which requires the import of all the songs into one session to run concurrently. 

I can consolidate the sessions but by so much. Certain bus' must be present to retain the sound of the corresponding song. 

As you can imagine one song ends, another begins, along routings through automation and at a reduced sample rate to run the live vocal performance through, it is necessary to activate and deactivate entire audio fx chains

I propose this

upon choosing this option, resulting in a dialog box warning 

before allowing the functionality of the feature.

I am aware of the issues this may cause both sonically and with regards to latency 

Please make it available. 


Mute masks the audible effects of deactivating/activating plugins and fx chains

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answered Mar 8 by daneillienad (280 points)
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I have a low powered computer I can't run large sessions either

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answered Mar 10 by sudanthreddy (260 points)
Or automate the enable all disable all in the dropdown menu of the track/bus/fx in the console