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Automate Activate All Inserts in Presonus Studio One Professional

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asked Mar 8, 2019 in Mixing by wesphaltlouis-charles (480 points)
edited Apr 19, 2019 by wesphaltlouis-charles

I have a multi song set, each produced mixed and mastered in their own Studio One session. I have to perform the set, which requires the import of all the songs into one session to run concurrently. 

I can consolidate the sessions but by so much. Certain bus' must be present to retain the sound of the corresponding song. 

As you can imagine one song ends, another begins, along routings through automation and at a reduced sample rate to run the live vocal performance through, it is necessary to activate and deactivate entire audio fx chains

I propose this

upon choosing this option, resulting in a dialog box warning 

before allowing the functionality of the feature.

I am aware of the issues this may cause both sonically and with regards to latency 

Please make it available. 


Mute masks the audible effects of deactivating/activating plugins and fx chains

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answered Mar 8, 2019 by daneillienad (360 points)
edited Mar 9, 2019 by daneillienad
I have a low powered computer I can't run large sessions either

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answered Mar 10, 2019 by sudanthreddy (360 points)
Or automate the enable all disable all in the dropdown menu of the track/bus/fx in the console
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answered May 23, 2019 by ailton3 (620 points)
I have a mix I'm doing on a Maschine VST and I'm making use of all 16 outputs to the S1 mixer and each of the channels are plugin heavy, some with automation even. I find myself going back and forth to the different outputs and turning off whole FX chains and muting the channel just to hear different sections of the song. I haven't been able to actually begin arranging the song yet. Its so time consuming.

If we had this feature, I could probably get lost into making a more complex track but atleast I can get on with the song
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answered May 31, 2019 by delaniinaled (2,940 points)
OH YEAH! I checked the mute way. It works.

Im thinking MACRO - mute bus - deactivate fx - unmute bus
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answered Jun 8, 2019 by dekohi (1,560 points)

ailton3 you sound like me. I wish you the best! Im currently mixing stems on a project thats also consolidated into one song file. I did most of the work in their own sessions but putting them together is another stage that Im sure Studio One can handle. At first I didn't think much of this feature request, but now that I'm here, Im seeing how more and more valuable it will be down the line. My work flow , the overall finished product. Im forcing farts while I leave this comment. 

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answered Jun 12, 2019 by lawrencejennifer (1,860 points)
"Presonus Studio One has become such a formidable tool"

I will be free to say unequivocally when this functionality is in the DAW
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answered Aug 23, 2019 by tanishish (470 points)
UGH .             .
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answered Sep 29, 2019 by rogeranger (780 points)
I am not sure sure but i think Ableton does automate plugins on/off
Maybe rewire Ableton into S1 and have it do the heavy lifting from there.

I can see how this will be a problem for sessions using the splitter  (which i use A LOT) within fx chains.
Because of it, Ableton wouldn't be a possible option for me but for anyone else, you might consider other methods
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answered Nov 17, 2019 by gianncarlo (310 points)
There is music that exists beyond the conventional session. Push the boundaries forward so that we may continue to advance