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Please add TAPE STOP to Studio One just like in LOGIC

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asked Mar 9, 2019 in Mixing by mjaniszewski76 (330 points)
Dear PreSonus, As a user of Studio One, I was wondering if you could adopt a great feature found in Logic. In Logic, you can turn an audio region fade in/out into a tape stop/start effect with the click of a button. You can actually toggle back and forth between tape start/stop and fade in/out, it's that easy. The length and speed are dictated by the length of the fade in/out drawn on the ends of the audio region.

Is there any way for you guys to write that into the program? Many have written in about this topic a long while ago but still nothing.

Would love to see this feature usable in the same simple way Logic uses it.

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answered Feb 25, 2020 by madsvigeholm (280 points)
I agree. This would be so nice. I come from Pro Tools (10+ years) and really LOVE S1... its so fast and forward. A kind of Click And Go with the Tape Stop would be the cherry on top!!!
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answered Mar 21, 2020 by valentinosciacca1 (4,140 points)
Yeah, I really would like to see this option in the next release.

I'm trying to switch from Logic to S1 but I noticed that S1 still missing some great features.