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Studiolive 24 III : Connectivity, leads and corresponding fader order

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asked Mar 9, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by shazibmalik (220 points)

I'm new to hardware and the Studiolive 24 MK3 is my first mixer. I'm working my way through the manual and rather than do level setting with a Mic (as i don't have any). I would just like to get on with plugging in my equipment and do the level setting that way.

All my hardware have either mono or stereo jack plug connectivity.

Now.. by just observing the back panel and using common sense, I would start plugging in units from :

Mic/Line 13 to Mic/Line 24

1. If I plug in a mono synth into Mic/Line 13, can this be linked to fader 1 ?  

2. If I plug in a stereo L & R into Mic/Line 14 & 15, can this be linked to a single fader 2 or will I have to operate 2 faders? eg 2 & 3 ?

How should I connect a Stereo L & R instrument? should it be 2 leads to the mixer? or use a Y lead ie 2 leads which go into 1 jack plug?

3. By just observing the back panel does it mean I can only connect 12 mono instruments? or can I use other ports?


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answered Mar 9, 2019 by danielsievert (11,320 points)
selected Mar 9, 2019 by shazibmalik
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Answering your questions in order, yes the most direct way of connecting to the mixer will be via the combo jack connectors. Bear in mind though, that your instruments don't necessarily output a true line-level so you may find the input levels to be lownin some cases. The best way to connect instruments such as keyboards and synths is via DI boxes and then into the mic inputs.

1: Yes you can use the digital patching function of your mixer to reassign input 13 to channel 1 and so on.

2: Currently stereo linking on SL Series 3 only works from odd to even numbered channels so you'd have to skip a channel and connect to 15/16. Then you can stereo link 15-16 and they work as stereo. It will take up two channels and two faders but younonly need to control one of them.  

You'll definitely need to connect to the two separate inputs  though.  No Y-cables for this.

3: As I mentioned, DI boxes are the correct way to make these coneections anyway so you can use DI's to connect to inputs 1-12 that are mic-only.

Hope that helps.