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Anyone using new Mac Mini (2018) with StudioLive III in studio?

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asked Jan 4, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by colinwillsher (220 points)
Hi All,

Newbie and currently non-Presonus user here so forgive me. I have done searches but currently have thousands of pounds worth of gear which isn't working together due to new Mac upgrade and just need some reassurance before spending even more.

I've just upgraded to the new Mac Mini (2018). Also in the studio I have an ageing but usually reliable RME Fireface 800 interface and a Mackie D8B which has been resigned to simple tracking duties for some time - preferring to work inside the box. In short, the new Mini/Fireface combo is now suffering long audio dropouts and stutters due we think to some Mojave features prioritising other stuff over audio on the USB buss. RME say they have to rely on Apple to fix it and many including myself have reports in progress but this has been going on since the new MacBooks earlier last year and affects not only RME devices. I just wonder if it's one of those things that won't ever get resolved.

Soooo... Anyone using the new Mini here? I'm considering finally ditching the D8B and could also lose the Fireface if the StudioLive 24 III will function well with the new machine, which is otherwise zipping along very happily - it's just impossible to work around the audio issues. I'm just aware that this desk is also lacking Thunderbolt 3 and I've never ventured into AVB, so this is all new. I'm presuming AVB avoids the USB buss completely? Whereas the firewire adapters feed into the USB buss.

Does it also work well enough using USB 2 with the new machines in any case? Reliability is obviously key.

Also, curious regarding the Beta for Logic Control, how is that going for anyone involved? That would be a huge plus.

Many thanks


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answered Jan 15, 2019 by colinwillsher (220 points)
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Thanks Jonny. In the end I took the plunge anyway, figuring the AVB solution would likely resolve my previous issues. As it happens the USB connection is perfectly fine with this device anyway and I am absolutely delighted with and excited by my new purchase!
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answered Jan 14, 2019 by jonnydoyle (300,280 points)
I use a Mac Mini.

USB connection gives me 32chs of audio along with the main left and right. The AVB connection gives be the same along with the 16AUX channels. There is no advantage with latency but of course you can get a longer cable run with AVB.