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MIDI Event List

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asked Dec 30, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by Funkybot (20,520 points)
Definitely a lower priority item for me, but some folks like it: the old MIDI Event List. For those who don't know, this would be a screen where MIDI on the selected track or tracks would be displayed in a list/spreadsheet format and could be filtered by event type, edited, etc. In a few cases, I'd use the MIDI Event List in my old DAW to quickly delete CC's or aftertouch data from a performance, so even I've found it handy in the past for clean up.

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answered Dec 30, 2015 by AlexTinsley (734,570 points)
Thanks for the suggestion.

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please vote on it.
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answered Feb 24, 2016 by radian (200 points)
MIDI event list with tracker-style editing and I wouldn't feel the need to rewire Renoise.
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answered Apr 24, 2016 by simon48 (650 points)
edited Apr 28, 2016 by simon48
Agreed. Invaluable for quickly stripping out unwanted controller data from a track or event. It would be useful to have a filter on there too. So, for instance, if it's only the mod wheel info you're interested in you can filter out everything else and focus on that.

This is an absolute bread-and-butter feature on a mature DAW. :-)
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answered Jun 21, 2016 by Scoox (9,870 points)
I up-voted this, I assume the MIDI event list can be filtered by event type etc. Seems like the sort of thing I would use.
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answered Sep 26, 2016 by penguin42 (700 points)
I think a problem with this is that S1 does not use MIDI to represent instrument track data internally. It only converts to midi upon sending it to a VSTi or MIDI out.
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answered Jan 5, 2018 by simonholland2 (340 points)
I use a lot of user-defined CC's to control functions in Hauptwerk (Stops, Couplers, etc) so an event list is essential for me and something Cakewalk/Sonar has catered for from the early days. Fortunately Reaper provides that same capability as my long term fallback until such time as Studio One can support that requirement.
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answered Jan 19, 2018 by neiljordan1 (14,240 points)
Even just having them show up on the Pool view (like they do in Pro Tools) would be something.
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answered Feb 23, 2018 by philangus (7,760 points)
Definitely a good one for me, in fact I created a vote some time ago on this very topic. This would be similar to the one on the old PC version of Logic Audio. I used to use it all the time. CTRL - Selecting individual events then shifting their positions by a few beats by clicking and dragging the mouse was always a favourite of mine, or as the original poster said, adding in other program change events etc. I always used this for putting a patch change right at the beginning of a song to lock down specific patches etc via midi.
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answered Feb 23, 2018 by mavericktaylor (600 points)
It's also a real pain if you want to look at, and edit, MIDI note numbers for Drum tracks, brought in as a MIDI file, from another source.

In Cakewalk Sonar, it was always pretty easy to split a track to separate tracks by note number, then transpose, for example the kick drum from note #35 to #36. The other option in Sonar was to apply filtering to what you're selecting within one or more midi tracks, such as controllers or note numbers or ranges of notes, then you could perform edits on the selected data such as transpose, adjust velocity, cut, delete, copy, etc...

I really, really miss the MIDI Event List in Sonar. I have to keep it around for this reason, so I have to do a lot of import/export, and still work on my MIDI tracks in Sonar. Then, I bring the 'finished' MIDI into S1 and do audio. If I run into an issue with a MIDI track, that isn't convenient to deal with in S1, I have export everything from S1, and start over from Sonar. A MAJOR BUMMER.
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answered Mar 29, 2018 by waynerose1 (2,170 points)
AFAIK, all major DAWs offer a MIDI Event List. I've been a Pro Tools user since v.4.3 in the mid '90's, and as advanced as PT12 has become, it still has a MIDI Event List. Not to mention, Cubase, Logic Pro, Cakewalk, Digital Performer, Reaper and others. A filterable, editable event list for MIDI data is indispensable in situations where one isn't exactly sure what the problem is, but can identify where in time it is, e.g., sometimes it's as simple as the control event occurring immediately after the note on event instead of before.

This feature has been requested for 3 years or more, and obviously has a lot of votes. I don't buy the argument that in S1 music data is not the same as MIDI data. Surely there's a point in the data stream where all the relevant data is collected before being sent to the instrument. Show us and let us edit that.

Seems like a workflow priority for a lot of people.
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answered Apr 5, 2018 by philangus (7,760 points)
Actually, I have never seen another DAW package with an event list like Logic Audio had several years ago. It was definitely lacking on Cubase because it was one of the features I used to argue about the need for with my Cubase using friend!
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answered May 25, 2018 by AugerJ (400 points)
Logic style Event List would be useful.

Side by side with Piano Roll (both available/visible at the same time).

For example, import a MIDI groove and see immediately (in the Event List) which notes are slightly off the grid...

if any. Or if all the notes are dead on the grid and "groove" is just a name...

No need to zoom in and scroll.

Digits (notes' positions) can speak for themselves.

The lack of the Event List kinda keeps me away from Studio One.
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answered Nov 21, 2018 by Nip (980 points)
Yes, would be nice - Cakewalk Pro I had 1989 had it.
Sometimes really helpful to see what is really there in midi, not searching through various midi CC.