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Standardize Windows Modifier Keys/Shortcuts

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asked Dec 30, 2015 in Studio One Feature Requests by Funkybot (21,080 points)
edited Feb 4, 2016 by Funkybot
Across just about every Windows application except S1, Ctrl+click is used for non-consecutive selection, in S1, Shift does this. In every other Windows application except S1, Shift+clicking selects the items themselves and everything in between the items you just clicked. S1 should modify the shortcuts to conform to other Windows applications (or at least offer it as an option). Ideally, it'd be the same rules as you'd find in something like Excel.

So just to elaborate:

Ctrl+Click = Select non-continuous events, clips, or tracks

Shift+Click = Select all clips, events, or tracks from the first item clicked to the last, with everything in between

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answered Dec 30, 2015 by AlexTinsley (908,160 points)
Thanks for the suggestion.

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, please vote on it.
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answered Feb 9, 2016 by Daw Stew (5,330 points)
totally agree. This is one of my major frustrations with S1 as it ignores the standards that we all get used to when using Windows.

Its inconsistent even with S1, Shift clicking tracks works as you would expect but try that with events on a track and it won't select all the events in between the first and last events you shift clicked.

Why is Ctrl the alternate modifier key for the Range tool? Surely that should be the ALT (alternate) key
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answered Feb 13, 2017 by Skaperverket (2,580 points)
I agree with you guys. Should be more predictable.
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answered Feb 13, 2017 by Funkybot (21,080 points)

Put together this table to illustrate the inconsistency both within Studio One (it should at least be consistent with itself) and Windows (below).

Notice how having different behavior based on when you hit Ctrl can be confusing and how much more logical it would be to have the Alt key bring up the Alt tool in comparison?

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answered Jun 22, 2018 by robertgray3 (38,710 points)
I've been using studio one every day the last six months and this still trips me up a few times a week. :) would be great if it followed Windows and Mac conventions for this (both are essentially the same) and was more consistent with itself as well.