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MIDI NOTE NUDGE - BUG -attempted to change keyboard shortcuts so that nudge simply uses left/right keys no modifier

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asked Aug 27, 2021 in Studio One 5 by nonchai (1,380 points)
I attempted to switch S1 to using the simple left and right arrow keys for nudging midi notes back and forwards in time ( like ABLETON !!!! )

But after I'd removed those two shortcut commands from the default NAVIGATION command assignments and reassigned left/rigth arrow to nudge forwards and back - couldn't get it to work. Then after I tried to set things back to how S1 behaves by default I could no longer get the MIDI notes to nudge back /forward in timeline at all - after re-assignming the shortcuts to option left and option right ( on Mac )

Please also - on same topic - add an option in the SHORTCUTS EDITOR to switch to the ABLETON shortcuts.  You do Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools and Cakewalk - so why not ABLETON ????

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