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Studio One and MuTools MUX secondary audio input

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asked Mar 16, 2019 in Studio One 4 by peterklein5 (370 points)
I consider MuTools MU.X to be a very powerful extension to Studio One when it comes to fancy instrument/effects chains in the direction of Bitwig, Ableton/M4L, or Reaper.

Something which severely bugs me though is that Studio One does not "see" the secondary audio input of MU.X as a sidechain target. Hence, you can't do sidechaining, envelope following, morphing, or anything else that relies on a second audio input within MU.X.

I personally have this issue with Studio One 4.1.3 and MU.X 7.7.4 on Windows 10, but this old (2013) KVR article seems to indicate that it's not specific to my configuration.

It should be mentioned that all other VST hosts I've tried show MU.X correctly as having two audio inputs. As a workaround, I can actually wrap MU.X in DDMF Metaplugin, offering two inputs towards the host, and passing them through to MU.X's inputs. On the other hand, my software engineering instincts tell me that the issue is probably easy to fix if you know Studio One's code for parsing the plugin's input/output properties ...

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answered Apr 11, 2019 by vwkountz (320 points)
I have not upgraded to S4 because of how studio one handles audio input from VST's.  I sent an email and their reply was like they never heard on the issue.  I have a vst that allow me to record audio to it, but your software do not allow access to the audio input to record directly to it verses recording to studio one..  I can do it with logic and Ableton, so I have moved on and will not be upgrading.  I see the new  S4 Sample XT has some cool record mode, but why not add that same record mode to extternel  VST's that can sample, as well.  This feature has been missing for a while now.  If you do update I'll upgrade, if you create video showing me I'm wrong I'll upgrade, but until then out.