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Call sidechain by selecting sidechain tracks from plugin (like logic), remember sidechain routing when copy plugin

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asked May 20, 2016 in Completed Feature Requests by ronnyrydgren2 (960 points)
edited May 20, 2016 by ronnyrydgren2

Possibility to call sidechain from plugin windows bar when having the plugin window popped up!
Example look at logic how to sidechain. Calling for plugins from the send window in the mixer is a mess to look up the right compressor. ITs easier from a pluign call for a track that is namned sidechain then select sidechain and choose from all tracks devices for sidechain. Would allow for a smoother workflow 

Additional feature for that feature would be possibilty to remember the routing soo no need rerouting if copying routing to another track.

example what i mean

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answered Aug 1, 2016 by wdkbeats (1,550 points)
selected Mar 14, 2017 by ronnyrydgren2
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Yes! Internal sidechaining is the way to go!
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answered Aug 24, 2016 by SNS (2,090 points)
this would definatly be way more usefull,than it is now
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answered Aug 25, 2017 by hobotech (1,580 points)
The way it's set up now is a total workflow killer. Let's say I've decided to compress the bass group and set the sidechain source as the kick drum. Add the compressor (easy), set up the send (slow because there are SO MANY items in the sends menu), good to go.

But then I realize it might sound better just to sidechain compress one of the layers in my bass group. In S1 this means doing the whole process again, add the compressor (poof!), set up the send (grrr) I'm ready to listen. (In PT, Logic, Live, etc all I have to do is move the compressor).

Ok, this sounds good but actually I want to pump one of the other layers in the group, but at a lower ratio. Repeat the process.

I now have two sends on my kick drum just for bass duties...If this is a dance track and I'm doing a lot of pumping this could easily turn into 6 or 8.

It's cumbersome and messy. Studio One is great because Presonus is willing to Think Different about the way things are done, but this is a problem that I see as already having been solved in a far superior way by many other DAWs.
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answered Nov 22, 2018 by felixgrenzemann (840 points)
sidechain channel with gain unit
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answered May 8, 2019 by jasonlillebo (2,010 points)
this would be awesome. the way it is now is ok, but this way the sends would be so much more cleaned up and organized. and I think the workflow would speed up. only bummer would be if you want multiple sources to trigger the sidechain. but if I split the difference, using one source is how I almost always work