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Secondary Markers Anyone?

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asked Mar 21, 2019 in Editing by Nirrad85 (2,110 points)

I have a previous post on this subject, but I think this is a more refined idea.  I posted this separately, because it's a similar idea yet executed in a different way.  Link to my original post at the bottom, along with another guy asking for the same thing.

I was watching a tutorial on Apple Motion, and picked up this idea...In Apple Motion, you can place markers on the the regions/clips/events themselves!  In addition to the regular markers we already have in S1, can we please have the added ability to to place "secondary" markers onto the regions/clips/events themselves?

These "secondary" markers could then "lock" to the event and move with it as edits are made, but can be slid to allow for more precise timing (slid based on seconds, frames, samples, beats -- option to be selected by user), and they could do the following via a sub-menu you get when you double click on it:

  • customize the color of the marker (LOTS OF COLORS -- "The colors, Duke!  The Colors!" laugh)
  • automatically keep track of the original min:secs, samples, beat, or frames (which ever option displayed will be selected by the user) they were first dropped on the event, especially after the event has been edited and moved in the timeline
  • Somehow you could toggle whether you want either a history of  min:secs, samples, beat, or frames that the marker has been moved to, either by S1 automatically keeping track, or by the user marking the different times as they continue to work in the project (in case you ever want to go back to one of those previous marker times -- in other words, "mark" the marker, but it stays locked to the event as it continues to be moved in the timeline)
  • Should the user want to return to one of the previous marked positions with that event marker, there would be a single or double click to make it happen.
  • You could give this secondary marker a title
  • You could type notes into it
  • I'm not sure how this would come in handy right now, but again saw it in Apple Motion, maybe it would be nice if that marker could have a duration as well??  Somebody might find use for that
This would be REALLY handy for dialogue edits, like audiobooks, or interviews and things of that nature.

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answered Mar 21, 2019 by tennitustennitus (1,400 points)
I too would like to see different colors on markers as well as a marker window.
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answered Jan 15 by camscampbell (160 points)
I just Googled to see if I could add markers to individual tracks and I see that I can't. I'm having a terrible time trying to sync audio clips from interviews. Track-based markers would make this a lot easier.