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Issues with Audiobox 1818vsl driver installation

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asked Mar 22, 2019 in AudioBox VSL Series by joeokeefe (120 points)
edited Mar 22, 2019 by joeokeefe
I have recently upgraded to a new system which is Windows 10 pro 64 bit and the motherboard only has 3.0 usb ports.  when i plug in my Audiobox 1818vsl, it does not recognize it and also get an setup aborted error each time i try to install the drivers.  I think the issue may be that i don't have 2.0 usb port.

When i play music through windows media player for example, it plays through my speakers fine which go through the interface.  When i plug my guitar in, i do not have levels on the meter, but if i go into my DAW, I'm using Reaper, I get levels and it records.  But as soon as I get out of the DAW. my guitar will not play through the speakers.

If i plug my AUdiobox back into my old system the Audiobox manager opens, and i can also play my guitar through the interface like i should.

Just to add to this,when i go to the task manager to shut down the install, it says it for 32 bit, not 64 bit.

Any help or direction would be great!



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