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Having huge problems upgrading studio one 4.0 to 4.1 and up

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asked Mar 22 in Studio One 4 by williamgagnon (1,590 points)
Home built PC, win 10, kabyLake quad 8 lane chip, 1tb ssd main drive, 32 gigs ram running at 4.2.   Quantum and DP 88 plus Focusrite octo 8.  Can run 16 inputs at 96khz or 24 inputs at 48khz. Studio one 3.5 to 4.0 was no problem at all,  all of the plugins worked, the software worked flawlessly.   Every attempt at upgrading from there has been a no go from the start.   First, most of the third party plugins either didn't show up, or, when they finally did, didn't work at all.  I know you have to reset the blacklist, add folders where the dll's are in the location vst plugins.  Program Files/vst plugins for all 64 bit operation.   Then it turns out, I have no control over any channel or track.   The mute doesn't work, and outputs and inputs stay blank no matter what I enter. Also, none of the plugins work including the stock ones.  Do I need to completely start again from scratch?  Completely with a new hard drive, new fresh win 10, and start over from the beginning?.    Also, have never been able to fix my Alesis DM10 to be used as a trigger for software drums, even the presonus kits.   I am currently using 4.0 and have given up trying to upgrade as it mostly kills the whole day trying to figure it out.

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