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midi not routed to vst

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asked Mar 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by joebanko (170 points)
I am a longtime audio user and have several DAWs. I am absolutely baffled by this software and can't get it to do anything other than play the included demo files. None of it makes any sense. I have connected a brand new M32 keyboard, setup the MIDI, checked that I have signal reaching the software using the MIDI Monitor in Studio One. I add an instrument track, assign a VST (tried both Studio One IMPACTXT and NI Massive) and get ZERO response from either VST! I have spent hours going over the manuals and am still stumped. Is there a SIMPLE (remember I must be a moron if it's this difficult) tutorial. You know add ONE audio track, add ONE MIDI track, etc. etc. If it's this difficult I can't see continuing to pay a monthly fee for software that looks VERY pretty but I can't work with.


Joe B

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