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Can Universal Control save a "preset" into an 1824 interface so it always boots straight into mixer-bypass mode?

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asked Mar 24, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jamescobb2 (140 points)
The 1824 always boots up in default with all inputs are mixed in stereo to all outputs. I use the interface with Pro Tools 12 recording and mixing 'in-the-box' and require discrete 1-to-1 inputs and outputs. I therefore bypass the 1824's internal mixer so that PT has direct stream control and access to each input and output stream independently. When I start the system the first thing I have to now is open up Universal Control, select the 1824, and bypass the mixer - then fire up PT. To save me time I'm wondering if there is a way within Universal Control to save a "preset" into the interface itself, so that it either always boots straight into the bypassed mode, or with a single click I can make that happen without stepping through several screens just to be able to start a session...? LOVE the 1824! Just not the internal mixer default in my case... lol - Thanks!

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