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Are your presets for your synths and your drum sounds royalty free for commercial use?

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asked Mar 27, 2019 in Studio One 4 by oliverhamilton (120 points)
Am I able to use the presets in your synths and drum sounds for commercial use? Are they royalty free for commercial use? Please don't send me to your terms and conditions, I have already been there and I don't understand them in relation to the question im asking. I have asked this question to other companies and they have given me a clear answer. I enjoy Studio one but cant put anything out un till I know the answer to this. Please help, thank you for your time.

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answered Apr 3, 2019 by matthewcoombs (2,550 points)
Yes. All the sounds that come with Studio One are fine for commercial use. Obviously I can't answer for any other 3rd party samples that you may have added. Hope this helps, M.