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Studio 68 outputting mono when no PC is connected to USB

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asked Apr 25 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by nathanlim1 (130 points)
I have a brand new Studio 68, but when I use it standalone (i.e. with no computer hooked up to the USB) with a stereo keyboard plugged in to line 1 and line 2, it outputs mono through the headphones and main outputs and line outputs (depending on Mon button). It doesn't matter which settings I useā€”the output is always mono.

If I attach my Mac via USB, and hook it to Garage Band, I see stereo in Garage Band. If I route the Garage Band output back through the Studio 68, then I can hear stereo from the Studio 68 (either headphone or via main or monitor through amp and speakers).

However, the main reason for using Studio 68 will be as a standalone mixer with occasional recording to the computer. Why can't I hear stereo while standalone (i.e. without the computer)?

Does anyone else observe this behavior?

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answered Aug 16 by michaeljackson31 (170 points)
Same issue here, it's been driving me crazy.  I'm thinking that there isn't a way to do a "direct monitor" of stereo input, it seems like it's treating everything as 4 mono devices in direct input mode, with no possibility to do direct monitoring in stereo.  Which is highly frustrating, as I require latency free stereo monitoring.