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Turning on second Firestudio Project crashes my PC - help please!

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asked Apr 25, 2019 in FireStudio Series by jonmorris1 (120 points)

Hello all-

I have a working setup, no issues, stable for 2 years which is:

- two daisy-chained Firestudio Project Units, daisy-chained

- connected to my PC.

This has worked flawlessly for two years.

I recently tried disconnecting from my PC, and after installing everything (Universal Control, my DAW, etc.) on a new laptop that has a built-in FireWire connection, plugging this setup into my laptop instead of the existing PC. 

When I turn on one Firestudio unit (in the same order I always do for my already-working setup), it comes up fine, I can see it in Universal Control and my DAW, no issues. But when I then power on the second FireStudio Project, it immediately and totally crashes my laptop, just a total freeze.

Consider these facts when responding:

This exact setup works fine on my existing PC

Both computers being discussed here are running the same OS, same drivers, same DAW, literally same everything

It can't just be a bad cord or a bad/non-compatible FireWire chip on the laptop, or else I would not be able to get either Firestudio project to show up and be useable.

The laptop is not exactly a top-of-the line beast, but spec-wise, it should be more than enough to handle what I am throwing at it. And as posted above it is the same exact OS and driver set as my pre-existing, perfectly-functioning setup using a desktop that I already described above.

Any suggestions?

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