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How to remove a redundant but stuck vst plugin after upgrade to Analog Lab 4

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asked Apr 27, 2019 in Studio One 4 by mojo12 (630 points)
I have upgraded to Analog Lab 4 which should have removed all traces of Analog Lab 3 during installation. I have removed all instances of Analog Lab 3 and Analog Lab 3.dll from my vst folders (Steinberg and Custom). Analog Lab 3 remains in my list of vst plugins in SO4 and it seems this is blocking the loading of the new plugin. I have performed a complete search of my pc to find where SO4 is accessing the old plugin and I cannot find this to remove it. Is there a way to remove a redundant vst that is stuck in my list?

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answered Apr 29, 2019 by gaborbokretas (230 points)
it happened the same when upgraded to analog lab3 from2, got panic.... contacted presonus, they did not give straight answer, probably it was new for them as well

 so i contacted arturia, they sad presonus will do something about that, after a couple of days was a kind of update and it was sorted, hope it will come again, otherwise we cant continue our work, cause the program still lists the older version (analog lab3) whats not there anymore, but it  doesnt find the new analog lab4 yet.