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Are Presonus Studio 24c and 26c compatible with new iPad Pro 2018?

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asked Apr 27, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by domisonus (120 points)
There is still no official statement from PreSonus, but a few people have reported that the 24c should work with new iPad Pro 2018 - but only when using the original Apple power cable.

Does anybody have any experiences with it? Is it also possible to support the 24c with power via iPad?

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answered Jun 5, 2019 by alasdairkeith (140 points)
I have a 26c working with an iPad Pro 2018. Presonus says this USB-C series is designed for Mac, not IOS, so they don't officially support it (IOS) and will close support tickets related to IOS.

 That said, it works for me after trying a few things.  

- I can connect the 26c directly to the iPad Pro using USB-C to USB-C.  The iPad will power the 26c, however you're now out of ports for charging or connecting a MIDI device.

- to resolve this I did two things:  I purchased an multi-port adapter for the iPad, which has USB-C for power, HDMI, and one USB port.  Then I connected a powered USB Hub to the USB port on the multi-port adapter and I connect my 26c and MIDI keyboard to the hub.  II'm also powering the iPad from the the multi-port adapter.

This all seems to work with no issues.  I can power and use the 26c, the midi keyboard, and the iPad simultaneously.  And I still have a port available for HDMI/Monitor.
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answered Oct 22, 2019 by larsmellick (190 points)
That's interesting @alasdairkeith. I tried to plug in my Studio 68 (not USB C model but I used a USB adapter) to my iPad Pro 2018 and it doesn't show up on GarageBand. What app were you using the interface with?