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What are iPad users using for a stylus?

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asked Apr 29, 2019 in Notion iOS by bobraw (120 points)
I have  and iPad Mini about a year old and I am wondering if the Apple Pencil is absolutely necessary for work with Notion?

 I have heard a few comments that any stylus with a sharp tip will work. I think that an active stylus is necessary for certain features? Active styluses can be had for 10,20  or $30 on Amazon.  I don’t know anything about the Apple Pencil but I think it has a lot of features that are for artists  or handwriting apps.

 How finicky is notion with stylus input?  Are there any features that the Apple Pencil is necessary for?

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answered May 19, 2019 by nilsblomqvist (1,400 points)
"How finicky is notion with stylus input?"

Sadly, Notion Handwriting is finicky - period!  You can´t use Notion Handwriting at all !! A bug was introduced during spring 2019. It has not been corrected. It maybe will be - some day, (that´s purely speculative on my behalf)   I´m not holding my breath..

 NOTION / HANDWRITING (one of the selling points, I imagine) DOES NOT WORK IN ANY USEFUL WAY.
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answered Aug 28, 2019 by walterhemingway (200 points)
I've been using Apple pencil for a while and it seems to work fine for me. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary or even extremely advanced as of yet, but will get back if I run into any issues.
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answered Sep 1, 2019 by dyrcklamble (260 points)
I use an Apple Pencil and it works fine for me. It takes a while to adjust your writing style to minimise errors but, generally I have little problem on my iPad Air. I am only notating simple scores though.