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Does the StudioLive 64S support Dante?

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asked May 6 in StudioLive Series III by Rogue_Danar (150 points)
Does the StudioLive 64S support Dante? If so, is it onboard, or through an expansion card of some kind?

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answered May 8 by jonnydoyle (220,340 points)
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Nope, the Series III mixers are AVB.
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answered May 8 by wietsesterckx (3,470 points)

No. Not onboard, not available with expansions cards. I think it's a bad decision by Presonus to only support AVB, without any possibility to expand it with other protocols... I guess it will make the consoles worthless within this and 5 years. (I hope is doesn't happen wink, I own a S3 24).