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"PN" on strip one of Faderport 8

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asked May 11 in FaderPort 8 by alexanderschek (120 points)

My gear: MacBook Pro (2018) i5, 16GB / FaderPort-8 firmware 3.10 / macOS Mojave 10.14.4 / Logic Pro X 10.4.4

Fresh gear and fresh install of everything a few days ago. Running FP-8 as MCU (Logic) mode. So far, everything looks working good... But, when I turn on the FP8, I always have in the Strip-1 the lettering "PN" ... What does this mean? What is this? I have searched in the manual and online, and no mention of it. Please let me know... THANKS

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answered May 20 by jackelias (140 points)
I was wondering the same. My best guess is that it's first set up for the PAN parameter , if you tap sends etc. it changes. So it's the default setting for the Pan/Parameter knob to the immediate left of channel 1