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Faderport 8 doesn't faders don't respond in Logic Pro 10.4.8

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asked Jan 30 in FaderPort 8 by bradleygeiszler (140 points)
Faderport 8 faders don't respond when adjusting them on the controller.  However, if you adjust the faders on the mixer they respond, but you can't actually make any adjustments with the physical faders themselves.  Sort of defeats the purpose of having a external mixer.  All my settings are correct with Logic Pro X for the Faderport 8 as I've tripled checked them.

I'm running Logic Pro X (10.4.8) and I have the most recent firmware installed on the faderport 8.  I even deleted the install and rebooted then reinstalled the firmware and still doesn't work.  It only seems to work in Pro Tools 2019, but I use Logic for making music and I only use Pro Tools for mixing Film projects.

I'm using a Mac Pro 5,1 (mid 2010) with Dual 12 Core (3.46Ghz), 128GBs RAM, and the RX 580 by Saphire Pulse.

Has support for this item been discontinued?

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