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Studio One 4 Pro volume too loud

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asked May 13 in Studio One 4 by keanm (140 points)
This question was once submitted and answered, but the answer was confusing and didn't help me. Everything in Studio One 4 Professional is louder than anything else on my computer, such as Youtube or Spotify. I know this has something to do with my audio interface, I just don't know how exactly I'd solve this. I'm not sure if I'm using an ASIO driver, but my playback device on the daw is built-in output and the recording device built-in microphone.

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answered May 19 by tothrec (1,870 points)
Open up the sound mixer on your computer and see which output channel is used for Studio One.  Close Studio One and see which one is used when you play YouTube.

I'm guessing they are different and have different levels.