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Connecting External Units to an 1810

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asked May 15, 2019 in AudioBox USB by garyhamilton2 (120 points)
I have an 1810 but want to connect 2 Rack units to it.

I set up IO in Logic and sent on output 5 and input 5 to 1 unit and 6 and 6 on the other.

The units are both lighting up with signals but I cant hear anything on my headphones.

Also when I connect via Spdif to my kemper I can hear it before I even use a DAW, how can i set it up that i have control over what I hear and not everything playing at once?

My Units are lighting up regardless if I send a signal to it or not from my DAW, so If I go to youtube the lights flash with the sounds on youtube. Surely theres an easy way to fix all this. I've checked the manual and looked on youtube but cant find anything that helps.

Thanks in advance

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answered May 15, 2019 by edramsey (2,140 points)
Just to make sure, have you looked at Universal Control and adjusted your monitor settings? UC will affect everything monitor-related.

For S/PDIF, for example, if you don't want to hear it right away, you need to turn down the UC 9/10 faders for main, 3/4, and 5/6 (if you use all those).

With complex routing, you might want Universal Control to start on login, and use it to make sure your monitor routings are where you want them to be. The documentation is very thin on this, so you will need to experiment to see how things work.

Good luck!