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Why does Studio One 4 freeze and become unresponsive and make a horrible crunch/grinding noise?

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asked May 22, 2019 in Studio One 4 by daronkeogh (190 points)
I was in the middle of doing a mix. So frustrating. The mix was saved but had to use Windows 10 Task Manager to close the program. I opened it a couple of times this morning but only get about 5-10 secs of playback before it does the same freezing and horrible sound. I have not tried to use the previous save, done before 3 hours of nearly finished mixing work.

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answered May 23, 2019 by johannestreffert (180 points)
Hey! I guess that is happening when your CPU is overloaded. Some Plugins need lots of the CPU processor / RAM to run. Use busses and subgroups to save CPU by using one plugin on a bus instead of many different tracks. Hard to say, because I do not know your setup and project. For example: If I use Ozone on a master and two busses and then two ampsims at the same time that is almost too much for my system. I just activate those plugins when needed to listen and then bypass them again. Then when a do the mixdown I activate them all and that works fine for me.
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answered Aug 15, 2019 by LHandley (2,940 points)
I agree with the previous post, because I had the same issue.  The song I was working on would start making this weird sound and seconds later the program would freeze. When I looked at the performance monitor, the CPU was pegging. I wound up re-doing the song in another Music Production program because I needed to finish it, but I still needed to know what the issue was with S1.

In my case, I found my sample rate was set too high (2048). I lowered it to 1024 and the issue was gone. This might have been done when I upgraded from 4.0.xxxxx to 4.5.xxxxx. I also discovered that my CPU was getting warmer than it should have been. The thermal paste had dried out and was ineffective. I removed it, cleaned the heat sink and CPU thoroughly and applied fresh paste. I now have no such issues.

Also, it's VERY important to set autosave to a low value; I have mine set to 7 minutes. This way, I'll never lose more than 7 minutes of work!