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Where is the control for the line in on the back of the CS18Ai? (what fader or channel?)

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asked Jan 5, 2016 in Ai Mixers by jasongutierrez1 (220 points)
I plugged in my iPad to play music on the line in input on the back of the CS18AI but I don't know how to control the gain/volume and eq. can someone tell me where you control this from?

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answered Apr 6, 2016 by jspring (10,740 points)
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Section 4, pg. 25 of the CS18 Owner's manual:

The CS18AI is primarily a control surface, but its rear panel includes a selection of audio inputs and outputs. These are convenient for providing talkback and for playing source audio from front-of-house and from the CS18AI headphone/monitor outputs. 

By default, CS18AI audio is routed as follows with a StudioLive RM mixer

Mic/Line input 1/TB is assigned as the default source for the StudioLive RM mixer Talkback. It will also be available as the network input source for Channel 31 of the RM mixer. 

Mic/Line input 2 is unassigned by default but will be available as the network input source for Channel 32 of the StudioLive RM. 

Line inputs 3 and 4 are assigned as the network source for the stereo Digital Return input of the RM mixer.

The inputs on the CS18 don't provide additional channels to the RM, they only serve as an alternate source for existing channels on the RM (31, 32, Dig Ret L and R). 

The Line inputs on the CS18 do not have adjustable gain. Only the Mic Preamps on the CS18 Inputs 1 and 2 have adjustable input gain (accessible from the Talkback Edit screen, per pg. 50 of the Owner's Manual).

The Digital Return channel does not have Fat Channel EQ capability, but Ch. 31 and 32 do.

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answered Jan 5, 2016 by gadget69 (30,270 points)

The CS18 ai does not pass ANY audio at all... it is strictly a controller, and requires an Ai mixer to route the sound.

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