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Making single macro parameter control knobs&buttons directly visible at the channel strip&inspector if wanted

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asked Mar 23, 2023 in Mixing by Michael1985 (12,820 points)
edited Mar 23, 2023 by Michael1985

Now the macro control knobs are on their own window, but if you could use right-click option (or there is a small button beside them), which activate the knob or button to see it beside the fader on the channel strip and inside the inspector, it would make visibilty and access much better. (the name of it should be also visible, at least if you hover over it)

Beside that you can also see movement of the macro control knob or button if it is automated (or if it is modulated with a modulator, if this feature is accessable some day.)

Important is also that these macro control knobs and buttons should have one automation lane to control them, there is no need for all the automations of every single parameter because you can modify how the parameter moves with the macro knob!

--->choosing to use parameters with one macro knob or button is the intention to use it also with one automation lane.

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