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I/O mapping is weird, with unexpected output channels.

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asked Jun 20, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by floriangrond (120 points)
We have recently purchased a Studio 1824, and are having trouble connecting a multichannel speaker system to Reaper DAW (also tested with SuperCollider).

When the DAW sends to hardware outputs 1 through 4, the sound does not go to the designated output speaker, but instead some arbitrary mix of them (almost always channel 4 and one other channel, never 3, and so on). Is there a way for us to see the I/O matrix mapping for the interface? The universal control does not seem to give enough usability with this regard.

The speakers were connected to line outs 1-4. When we connected each speaker to out 1, they all worked, so the problem is not in the rest of the setup.  We hope to use all 8 outs and maybe also the monitor stereo pair to send to speakers in an installation.

The opening of the installation is tomorrow, so your timely help is appreciated.

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