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Mix mute button doesnt light up other mute button

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asked Jun 21, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by elijahgemme (130 points)

Not sure if this is a bug or not but I actually got stuck on this the other day and couldnt figure out why I had no audio. I somehow had it muted in mix but didnt know it was muted because the mute button on the left with my instrument wasnt lit up. See image. Isnt a big issue when you know about it but to new users (like myself) is a weird issue that might aswell be fixed.

Also a thing to note, for most of the time I dont think I had mix open, so I couldnt see it was muted. Theres still the red m in the bottom left but thats out of the way. But its just weird that 2 of the 3 m's turn red but one doesnt.


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answered Jun 27, 2019 by lisarowe (3,820 points)
I've been having the same problem -- no continuity of Mute between Mix and Arrange views.  Very frustrating.  I believe it is a bug.  Have you posted in the forums about this?

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