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API to turn on a remote "RECORDING" light

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asked May 12 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Susan (140 points)

Hi. I recently switched from ProTools to Studio One. For ProTools, we created a "RECORDING" light that turns on and off when ProTools goes into and out of recording mode. We want to move this to Studio One. Can you provide an API (REST is best, but a callback would work) that reports when StudioOne is in recording mode? I don't see a way to access this through the "pslextensions" APIs.

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answered May 19 by rosscrawford (620 points)

I know it's not exactly what you're asking, but Punchlight make devices that work with several DAWs including PT & S1. I have one and it works great! Uses the HUI or Mackie protocol to intercept the transport controls.