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How do I record with plugins in real-time?

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asked Jun 21, 2019 in Recording by stanleyclayton (510 points)

Logic Pro X has a very intuitive hack way to record vocals or instruments in real time WITH FX Plugins Already printed to the recording, and I’d like to know if studio can already do this, or if you can PLEASE add this as a feature! I’ll provide a link for you to see exactly what I’m talking about:

So basically, you open a bus channel with the input coming from you mic line, and you route the output of that bus to the input of an empty Audio Track, which is the track you’ll be using to capture the recording.

On the bus channel is where you’d put your plugins, like EQ, compression, auto tune, reverb, etc. And as you record in real time, you’ll send all of that to the audio track that’s capturing the recording, and it’ll be printed during that take. No different than what an Apollo would do... except this is the poor mans Apollo Anyway, I hope that even if this doesn’t get a lot of likes, this would still be something to consider, especially because of how game changer this is, and NOBODY is even talking about it. Why?.... I don’t know!.... who doesn’t want to save $700 and not buy an Apollo?

Anyway! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for the prefader metering! As a long time logic user, that’s what made me switch all my mixing to S1. I’m hoping I can switch all my recording to your DAW as well! Much Love!!!!

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answered Jun 21, 2019 by matthewritenburg (17,300 points)

It's super easy.

1. In MIX view make sure your inputs are shown by clicking on the Inputs button in the lower left

2. If, for example, you are recording a mono input through the left input, insert which ever effects you want to record through in the left channel

3. In your channel in the arranger view make sure you have enabled 'monitor' so that you can hear the effects on the input channel

You can see in my example that I have placed Ampire in the left input channel.  I can now record through Ampire. And in the image below, you can see that I enabled 'monitor' for that channel so I can hear Ampire.